A Seminar on "The Role of Accounting Information in Management Decision Making" in the Faculty of Hospital Management

  • Publish Date:
  • 15/04/2022

A seminar titled "The Role of Accounting Information in Management Decision Making" was organized at the Faculty of Hospital Management, Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences. The seminar was given by Dr. Imad Suleiman, who highlighted the following points:

1- Accounting is not a goal per se, rather, it is a means through which information is provided to decision makers in organizations of different goals, sizes, and legal forms.

2- The importance of accounting information is evident in its critical role in making the right decisions that enable organizations to achieve their goals and enable managers to perform their duties and to take on responsibilities in a proper and accurate way.

3- Decision-making process is referred to as the heart of the management process.

4- A distinction must be made between decision making and decision taking. Decision making includes all the stages that lead to the decision being taken, whereas decision taking is the stage of selection and implementation in the decision-making process.

5- Managerial decisions are classified in terms of form, nature, importance, and relation to the functions of the organization, as well as in terms of the legal aspect.

6- Accountants should not succumb to the pressure exerted by the management to provide information that shows improved performance instead of that which accurately reflects the real performance.