Quality Assurance Centre

The term “Quality” has been introduced to the higher education sector in many countries around the world following a previous introduction to the manufacturing sector. A lot of attention has been paid to quality, which has led some people to call our age “the age of quality”. Bearing that in mind, Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences has made the decision to established a “Quality Assurance Centre” as it appreciates the importance of quality and accreditation, on one hand, and in order to fulfil a requirement by the Ministry of Higher Education (i.e. establishing a “Quality and Accreditation Centre” at private and public universities in Syria), on the other hand. The main aim of the centre is to prepare the university and its faculties to attain local and international accreditation.

Accreditation has been given priority because of its necessity, on one hand, and it requires many qualitative procedures, on the other hand. Continuous improvement is one of the main principles of quality and this means that the road to quality is a never-ending one; as soon as one step is over, the next is starting. Therefore, achieving accreditation is just the beginning of the road for Al Andalus University. In addition, obtaining accreditation is advantageous for both the university and its graduates as their degrees will be recognized locally as well as internationally. This will enable graduates to find jobs and/or pursue their graduate studies in Syria and abroad.

Achieving quality in higher education requires cooperation from all parties and any hesitation from anyone will adversely affect what we are looking forward to achieve. As we, at the Quality Assurance Centre, expect full cooperation from the university staff, management and students in order to achieve the quality goals, we will do whatever we can to help everyone do their role towards attaining quality in higher education, whether by offering the required supervision and guidance or by providing constant material or moral support.

Director of Quality Assurance Centre

Dr Eiad Khalil