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Al Andalus University For Medical Sciences

Al Andalus University (AU) for Medical Sciences is a Syrian private higher education institution founded with the aim of establishing channels to transfer advanced knowledge in the areas of medicine, health and education to Syria. An agreement has been made between a group of migrant Syrian doctors and Al-Handasyya for Educational Facilities in Syria to establish Al Andalus University (AU) for Medical Sciences.

The university is located in a mountainous area of great natural beauty near Al-Qadmous town. It is surrounded by the following villages: Kaf Al-Jaa, Assa’dani, Attennakhah and Al-Mukarmadah, and by the following cities: Homs, Hamah, Tartous, Banias and Lattakia. The university is located in an area 850 m above sea level and known for its mild summer and pure and fresh air.

The educational project of Al Andalus University aims at deepening the communications with the advanced scientific sources in the field of medical sciences in order to heighten the level of general health through the scientific performance of the university and through teaching in both Arabic and English.

The university is under the supervision of an elite group of highly-qualified migrant Syrian doctors living in North America. As for the institutions with whom the university is looking forward to signing agreements of academic cooperation with, they are: Tϋbingen University (Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (Germany)), Victoria University (Australia), the University of Maryland (USA) and Heidelberg University (Germany).

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