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It is an institution that firmly believes that the scientific developments are the fruits of sincere scientific efforts. It also believes that human beings are the essence of life, therefore, caring for them should be the goal of scientific activities in various fields. As a result, this institution strives to form scientific research teams composed of members from Al Andalus University, members from Al Andalus University partner universities and the distinguished members of the Syrian and Arab expatriates. The aim of these teams is to work together to achieve what is necessary to facilitate human life and make people happier.

Approved Scientific Research Projects:

  • Implantable Bio Artificial Kidney (Faculty of Medicine) 
  • Stem Cells (Faculty of Dentistry)   
  • Immunological Drugs Therapy (Faculty of Pharmacy) (related medicinal plants) 
  • Proton Therapy Center (Faculty of Medical Engineering) 

The Bank organizes the activities of scientific research teams based on the chosen topics in the Scientific Research Guide of each faculty. This guide contains the main and minor research topics for a hundred years, the scientific journals selected for publication and their classification into three levels.

We are pleased to attract distinguished and talented researchers to share with us their knowledge and the valuable conclusions that they may reach when cooperating with us in the chosen research topics.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us or to join our research teams by filling and sending the membership request form.

Research Bank Membership Request Form

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