AU Book Center

It is a center that facilitates students university life. It provides students with everything they need regarding educational materials and supplies in one place, so they do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to get what they require. This center is located on the third floor of the main building of the university and it has a comfortable design and a nice view.

For student’s convenience, the center is provided with nine serving points, each of which is assigned to serve the requirements of a particular faculty/center as follows:

  1. Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Hospital Management
  2. Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Medical Engineering
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Nursing

These three serving points offer the module lectures of as colored bound books or as individual lectures upon request. Students place and receive their orders using a booking service.

  1. Language Center:

This serving point provides educational materials related to the courses given at the Language Center, the materials of the English language modules given as part of teaching curricula and other language-related materials upon request.

  1. The Internet Services:

This point provides students with internet for scientific research purposes, browsing and accessing to the university website and ordering lectures and other educational materials.

  1. Other Services:

This serving point provides various other services such as booking a student locker, travel tickets, etc.

  1. Medical and Educational Supplies:

This serving point provides all the educational materials and supplies that students require, especially those required by practical sessions in university labs.

        8. Stationery:

This serving point provides student with stationery supplies.

        9.Book fair:

This serving point provides the latest editions of academic references required by the university various faculties and provides copies of those references to whoever is interested.