The Technical and Preventive Maintenance Department

In order to ensure that the university's scientific role is maintained in the best of ways and to enable the university students to utilize the scientific equipment in an optimum way without interruption, Al Andalus University has established a technical department for preventive and corrective maintenance. This department was established as a result of the decision taken by Al Andalus University administration No. 947/10/ص.خ dated 15/09/2017. The department relates to the dean of the Faculty of Medical Engineering and is supervised by Dr. Mohammad Halabi.


To keep a watchful eye on the safety and readiness of laboratory and research equipment and devices in the university faculties so that they remain always ready for work and at full capacity.


The department has set its objectives in light of its mission as follows:

  1. To continuously ensure that the university laboratory equipment and devices are ready for work, especially before the start of each semester.
  2. To perform corrective maintenance on broken down or malfunctioning devices on campus where these devices are located.
  3. To collect the old and not-in-use equipment in order to be displayed in the University Museum, fulfilling the ongoing process of modernization and development of the university laboratories.
  4. To develop laboratory equipment at the rate of 10% annually with cooperation of laboratory supervisors and under the supervision of the deanship of the concerned faculty.