Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

The Faculty of Nursing at Al Andalus University aspires to be a pioneer in nursing education methods that develop students' mental abilities and professional behavior; and link the university with the community to reach the best potential health outcomes for the individual, family, and society.

The Faculty of Nursing aims to provide comprehensive, creative, and high-quality educational programs by creating an environment that encourages scientific research and focuses on the needs of society. It prepares graduates to enter the labor market as a nursing specialist in the fields of clinical practice, education, management, and scientific research. These nursing specialists are to be capable of supporting and developing comprehensive preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health care, for the individual, family, and society in different age stages, and in various local and international settings. Our graduates are able to compete in all professional,educational, administrative and research fields, which contributes to the support, well-being, and development of society. The faculty also provides comprehensive care for students to develop their mental, behavioral, psychological, and social abilities to become leading nurses equipped with a solid scientific base and committed to nursing ethics, self-development, and the development of their profession through lifelong learning.

The faculty aims to prepare graduates who are able to provide health care to the individual, family, community, and environment in the domains of health and disease, through:

  1. Preparing graduates who are highly qualified professional nursing specialist, capable of using critical thinking in judgment and decision-making to provide quality nursing care appropriate to the health needs of the community, alone or in cooperation with others in various locations.
  2. Preparing graduates who are highly qualified professional nursing specialist, capable of pursuing higher studies in different educational settings around the world.
  3. Providing continuing education opportunities to meet the needs of nurses, institutions, and society and to contribute to the advancement of the nursing profession.
  4. Encouraging scientific research in nursing and research-based practice.