(Pediatrics (1


1- Cognitive and motor development in children.
2- Social and psychiatric development in children
3- Physical growth and development, sexual development, puberty.
4-Evaluation of growth and normal physical measurments.
5- Indicators of bone maturation and dentation.
6- Propertis of digestive system in children and its examination method.
7- Properties of digestion and metabolism of essential nutrients.
8- Nutrition in children and its regulation.
9- Properties of cardiovascular system in children and its examination method.
10- Properties of blood and hematopoietic system in children and method of blood examination, hemostatis in children.
11- Properties of respiratory system in children and its examination method.
12- Properties ofimmunity in children.
13- Immunization and vaccination in children.
14- Thermoregulation in children.
15- Properties of skin in children.
16- Prematurity ,intrauterine growth retardation and low brith weight.
17- Estational age estimation and classification of newborns.
18- Delivery and adaption with extrauterine life.
19- Normal newborn ,his/her examination and taking care of him/her.
20- Functions of systems, normal finding in newborns and newborn nutrition.

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