Rafea Shaban

Assistant Professor

-Date Of Birth:07/09/1971
-Nationality : Syrian.

-2008 Doctorate of Public Health; option: Epidemiology, University of Paris-Sud (Paris XI)
-2003-2004 Master Degree of Public Health; option: Epidemiology, Univ. Paris XI

AFSA in Ophthalmology, Univ. Paris VI DU in Pediatric Ophthalmology, Univ. Paris V

-2002-2003 Certificates of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Methods of Clinical and

epidemiological Research, Paris

1999 Certificate of specialization in Ophthalmology, Damascus (Syria)
1995 Medical Doctor, Tishreen Univ. (Syria)



-Since 2009 Teaching biostatistics, epidemiology and medical research, Faculty of Medicine,Tishreen Univ, Tartous Univ. Al Andalus Univ. (Syria)
2004-2008 Stages of research in epidemiology, Inserm U700, Paris
1997-2001 Teaching assistant in Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tishreen Univ. (Syria)

-2013 Mohammad Y, Shaaban R, et al. Impact of active and passive smoking as
riskfactors for asthma and COPD in womenpresenting to primary care in Syria: first
report by the WHO-GARD survey group.Int J ChronObstructPulmon Dis.

-2012 Mohammad Y, Shaaban R, et al. Executivesummary of the multicentersurvey on
the prevalence and riskfactors of chronicrespiratorydiseases in patients presenting
to primary care centers and emergency rooms in Syria.J Thorac Dis. 2012;4:203-5.
2011 Mohammad Y, ShaabanRafea, Ibrahim M, Ismail M. Lung function changes in
non-asthmatic allergic rhinitis patients: a case series.Prim Care Respir J.

-2008 ShaabanRafea, et al. Rhinitis and onset of asthma: A longitudinal population-

based study from ECRHS.The Lancet 2008; 372:1049-57.
-2007 ShaabanRafea, et al. Allergic Rhinitis and Onset of Bronchial

Hyperresponsiveness: A Population-based Study. Am J RespirCrit Care Med

-2007 ShaabanRafea, et al. Physical activity and bronchial hyperresponsiveness:
European Community Respiratory Health Survey II. Thorax 2007; 62:403-10
-2006 ShaabanRafea, et al. Change in C-reactive protein levels and FEV1 decline: a

longitudinal population-based study. Respir Med 2006; 100:2112-20.

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