Announcing the reservation in university housing for the academic year 2024-2025

  • Publish Date:
  • 03/06/2024

Female students currently registered in university housing who wish to maintain the same room (single or double) for the next year:


1- Visit the University Services Follow-up Office in the required room and then pay an amount of installation as needed during the period specified on 3/6/2024 until 11/7/2024.

2- After the expiration of the previously mentioned period, all unbooked rooms and beds are considered vacant, and female students registered in the housing for the current year who have not made a reservation previously, or female students wishing to register in the housing for the next year (not registered in the current year) can reserve the room or bed from the vacancies according to priority. With the same mechanism mentioned previously during the period extending from 12/07/2024 to 19/08/2024.

3- The subscription confirmation period will be announced later, during which the subscription must be confirmed for female students who have made a reservation during the previous period or (for female students who wish to subscribe and have not previously made a reservation). This is done by visiting the follow-up office and signing the housing registration form (in two copies), one copy delivered to the follow-up office and one copy delivered to the university housing administration, and completing the housing installment payment within the specified dates.

Or withdraw if desired (note that the reservation confirmation amount will be refunded, excluding the form fee).


4. The rooms are received from the female students at most a week after the end of the exam.

If the student is booked in advance and does not visit the follow-up office during the subscription confirmation period, she will not be considered a student

Registered in university housing for the academic year 2024-2025