Biomedical Engineering Faculty in Al-Andalus University contribute by a New leading research to an International Conference in CANADA

  • Publish Date:
  • 12/05/2021

Biomedical Engineering Faculty in Al-Andalus University contribute with a new leading scientific research to the “ 9th International Conference on signal, image processing and pattern recognition” 29-30 May 2021-Vancover-Canada “”, in the field of computerized detection of lung cancer from CT of lung images. It is worth noting that the research has been accepted and selected as one of the best 12 research works in the conference that will be delivered in a special lecture for each one. These selected research works are contributed by some of the best universities in the world according to the "Universities World Ranking", like California University- USA, Florida university-USA, National Institute of Informatics- Japan, Beijing Institute of Technology-China, and National University of Taiwan. This outstanding scientific event indicates clearly the leadership of Al Andalus University in this scientific field and the fact that it keeps up with the latest development in it.

This research work was conducted by: Professor Maan Ammar who received Ph. D. Degree from Nagoya university- Japan in 1989 in Image processing and Intelligent Systems; Associated Professor Mamdouh Monif, Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Al-Andalus University, who received Ph. D. Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Technical University of Graz, Austria, 2000; Dr. Kinan Mansour- Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist, and Medical Manager of Al Andalus University Hospital and; Dr. Waad Ammar- General Surgery Specialist, Al Andalus University Hospital. Dr. Monif will deliver the lecture about this research, and his name and picture are listed on the website of the conference under the title "Speakers" “”.

We wish Biomedical Engineering Faculty and Al-Andalus University continuous progress and leadership.


     Dr. Maan Ammar            Dr. Mamdouh Monif        Dr. Kinan Mansour          Dr. Waad Ammar


Automatic Detection and Extraction of Lungs Cancer Nodules Using Connected Components Labeling and Distance Measure Based Classification


Mamdouh Monif1, Kinan Mansour2, ,Waad Ammar2, and Maan Ammar1


 1AL Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Faculty of Biomed. Eng., Al Qudmos, Syria             

2Al Andalus University Hospital, Al Qudmos, Syria                             


We introduce in this paper a method for reliable automatic extraction of lung area from CT chest images with a wide variety of lungs image shapes by using Connected Components Labeling (CCL) technique with some morphological operations. The paper introduces also a method using the CCL technique with distance measure based classification for the efficient detection of lungs nodules from extracted lung area. We further tested our complete detection and extraction approach using a performance consistency check by applying it to lungs CT images of healthy persons (contain no nodules). The experimental results have shown that the performance of the method in all stages is high.


lungs cancer, lungs area extraction, nodules detection, distance measure, performance consistency check