An Al Andalus University Delegation Visits George Emile Palade Romanian University for Training Purposes- Erasmus + Program

  • Publish Date:
  • 24/06/2023

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program, which is funded by the European side, and based on the agreement signed between George Emile Palade Romanian University with Al Andalus Private University for Medical Sciences, an official delegate team from Al Andalus University visited the Romanian university during the period between the 11th and 18th of June 2023. The team was headed by the University Director for International Relations, Dr. Suzan Samra. Other members of the team were the Dean of our Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Basem Salim; the Vice Dean in our Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Sami Azrak; and the Dean of our Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Roula Alio. The academic visit was training based, and it aimed at strengthening the scientific and academic cooperation between the two institutions.  

The visit included a meeting with the university president, who greatly praised the good impression left by the team on all university faculties. Consequently, an agreement was made for a plan for joint scientific research between the two universities. Based on the research plan, a joint cooperation agreement will be established between the two universities. Plans were made for subsequent visits to follow up on the joint scientific research.

The visit program included a visit by the entire team to the departments and faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry; as well as the Scientific Research Center, which is specialized in molecular and genetic biology research; and the on-campus broadcast studio. The team was shown the departments and laboratories of all faculties whose study plans were also presented. Latest research in the Romanian University was discussed, too. There was an in-depth discussion of the nature of research conducted by partnerships with other universities inside and outside Romania and its intersection with research carried out by Al Andalus University. The visit also included a discussion of possibility of Al-Andalus graduates pursuing postgraduate studies at the partner university. 

The delegate team finally met with the Syrian Al Andalus University exchange students who are studying at the Romanian University under the Erasmus+ scholarship to discuss their study progress at this partner university.