Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences works to provide the community with:

▪ Qualified graduates in various pharmaceutical fields according to international standards.

▪ Pharmaceutical services and health care for patients in Syria.

▪ A research and scientific environment parallel to the global one.

Leadership in pharmaceutical education and training, scientific research, and patient and community service.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al Andalus University strives to achieve its vision and mission by:

1-Developing study plans and teaching methods continuously to meet global changes and modern requirements.

2-Preparing and qualifying students in various pharmaceutical fields and professions, and providing the necessary staff to meet the needs of development plans in the Syrian governorates.

3-Encouraging various students' activities, and enhancing the student’s scientific personality traits in line with the university goals.

4-Establishing research laboratories, providing reference literature and building connections with international universities and research centers, to develop scientific research in pharmaceutical sciences.

5-Organizing continuous training and educational courses for pharmacy students and graduates working in various pharmaceutical fields, whether in the public, private or joint sectors.