Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

Qualifying a dentist equipped with the highest medical, professional, and ethical standards, which in turn contributes to the distinction and excellence of the Faculty of Dentistry at Al Andalus University at the national, regional and international levels.

The faculty is committed to implementing the most efficient teaching methods and consulting the most advanced medical references which are updated on regular basis. The dentistry program at Al Andalus University aspires to prepare academically, technically and ethically qualified dentists capable of providing the best oral health services to patients, including preventive, curative and cosmetic dental care services.

It also aspires to manufacture dentists who are committed to the principles of health and safety regulations and the highest standards of health services and ethics.

Moreover, the program aims at establishing a solid basis that qualifies dentists to pursue their higher studies in various specializations of dentistry and other related research areas, and providing opportunities for continuing education and training in order to develop future dentists’ academic, teaching and administrative skills and achieve distinction at the national, regional and international levels.

The Faculty of Dentistry at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences aims to:

1.         Prepare highly qualified dentists who are aware of the oral health needs of their society and capable of contributing to providing oral health services at the levels of prevention and treatment alike, and who are equipped with highly adequate knowledge of their specialized fields that would enable them to cope with the scientific advancement of science, technology and civilization at large.

2.         Prepare students to pursue higher studies in specialized areas and conduct research in order to meet the medical needs of their societies and cope with the global scientific advances in the field of dentistry at the levels of treatment and cosmetics, so that they would be able to contribute to the development of scientific research in dentistry and dentistry-related areas, and carry out research and studies that may enhance the technical and academic advancement in the field, especially finding solutions to problems facing economic and social development.

3.         Develop teaching material, aids, and methodologies in the field of dentistry to meet the health care requirements of society and cope with global advancement and development; and adopt necessary practical and scientific technologies, in addition to compiling and preparing course books and references and setting up the laboratories necessary for scientific research.

4.         Work on providing ongoing educational and occupational training programs in various fields of interest for the graduates of the faculty who are working in various specialized areas, in order to develop the quality of treatment services and link the university with society.

5.         Develop the spirit of medical teamwork and enhance the cooperation with various sectors concerned with providing social health care.

6.         Enhance the scientific and cultural ties with other dentistry’s faculties and institution at the national, Arab and international levels with the aim of developing scientific research and postgraduate studies.