Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

The faculty of Hospital Management at Al Andalus University strives to foster leadership and excellence in managing healthcare institutions.

The faculty seeks to prepare highly-competent graduates who are scientifically, professionally, and ethically qualified. It homes in on creating deep connections with the community through enhancing coordination with all those concerned with health issues.

The Faculty of Hospital Management aims at the following:

  1. Preparing highly-efficient graduates in the fields of management, finance, and healthcare sciences.
  2. Contributing to scientific research in hospital management and health care sciences, and promoting the spirit of team work in this field.
  3. Developing teaching methods, strategies, and pedagogy in the fields of management and health care to suit local and regional developments.
  4. Engaging with Al Andalus University and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to come up with programs for postgraduate studies in management and health care sciences.
  5. Conducting qualification and training courses and continuing to provide quality education for students of hospital management.
  6. Enhancing coordination with all sectors concerned with health and management in the community.
  7. Taking the initiative in organizing seminars and courses in all fields of management and health care sciences.
  8. Contributing to publishing sound scientific research that revolves around research topics decided on by the department, faculty, and university scientific affairs councils.