Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

The faculty of Medicine at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences is looking forward to achieving superiority in medical education, scientific research, and health care services in order to actively contribute to the development and improvement of society scientifically and culturally.

The Faculty of Medicine at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences strives to be distinguished in preparing highly-qualified doctors scientifically, professionally and ethically, and who are capable of competing in the national, regional and international labour market, as well as being well qualified to continue their medical specializations and perform scientific researches that suit the needs of society and the economic and social development strategies in Syria and the Arab world in accordance with the scientific and technical progress in the world.

This is achieved through investing in preparing human resources and strengthening the strategic collaboration and partnership with all the sectors involved in health care in order to develop education and support learning opportunities and professional development.

The faculty of Medicine at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences aims at:

  1. Preparing the highly-competent general practitioner who is ethical professionally and is qualified to pursue his/her academic specializations and to perform scientific research that benefits society, maintains the health of its members and contribute to its prosperity.
  2. Continuously developing the curricula and study programmes to take into consideration the new medical findings and discoveries, focussing on the practical and applied aspects, as well as developing pedagogic principles and testing methods, and authoring and translating medical textbooks and references.
  3. Achieving quality standards to obtain national and international accreditation.
  4. Launching new specialty programmes in different medical fields to meet the needs of society and reflect the notable scientific development.
  5. Preparing doctors to become specialized cadres who are qualified in line with the recent developments in the fields of medical sciences and information technology.
  6. Providing the right environment for scientific research.
  7. Reinforcing teamwork.
  8. Encouraging the economic and social private and public sectors to take part in the faculty’s activities.
  9. Instilling the national and humanitarian values into the minds of the university graduates.
  10. Communicating with graduates and following their postgraduate academic life and activities.
  11. Promoting cultural, artistic, social and athletic activities, which contribute to refining students’ characters.
  12. Strengthening scientific and cultural cooperation with national, Arabic and international universities, research centres and scientific institutions.
  13. Providing health care services to citizens through the work of the faculty teaching hospitals.