Mission ,Vision and Objectives

Mission ,Vision  and Objectives

To achieve superiority in medical education and to provide healthcare services and the best elements to conduct scientific research, in aims to contribute to the development and promotion of a healthy and civilized society.

The Faculty of Medicine at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences seeks excellence in preparing qualified doctors with high scientific, professional, and ethical competencies. These future graduates are able to compete in the local, regional, and international job market, and to pursue their medical and scientific research in accordance with both the needs of society and its economic and social development plans and with the world's scientific and technological progress. These are to be achieved through investing in human resources and strengthening strategic cooperation and partnerships with all sectors concerned with the aim of developing and supporting educational opportunity or to develop professional learning

The faculty of Medicine at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences aims to:

  1. Prepare general medical practitioners of high scientific qualifications and ethical characteristics, who abide by the ethics of the medical profession and who are qualified to follow up their specialized studies, conducting scientific research to serve their community, and providing health to its members and contributing to its development and prosperity.
  2. Constantly develop curricula and teaching programs, compatible with scientific developments and modern medical discoveries with emphasis on practical and applied aspects of education, teaching, examination methods, and translating books and medical references.
  3. Achieve quality standards in order to obtain national, regional, and international accreditation.
  4. Provide the appropriate and necessary tenets and requirements for scientific research.
  5. Strengthen the concept of teamwork and teamwork ethics.
  6. Involve economic and social facilities of the public and private sectors in the activities of the faculty.
  7. Work on instilling national and human values in the minds of our medical graduates.
  8. Communicate with graduates and follow their scientific achievements and activities post graduation in order to improve the quality of the educational process.
  9. Encourage cultural, technical, social, and sports activities, leading to the refinement of our undergraduates' characters.
  10. Strengthen the scientific and cultural cooperation with other universities, research centers, and local and international scientific committees and agencies.
  11. Provide healthcare services for a wide range of citizens through the work of the University Hospital.