Medical ethics


1- General principles:
*General ethical principles.
*Medical ethics related documents.
*Physican –patient relationship.
*Mediacl recommendation.

2- Medical ethics in certain groups ( children, handicapped).

3- Medical technology and medical ethics:
*Cloning and stem cells research.
*Contraception, abortion.
*Sterilization, surrogate mother.
*Organ transplantation.
*Life, ICU and caring for the dying.
*Treatment cessation DNR and death.
*Suicide and euthanasia.

4- Religious beliefs ethical issues:
*Sexual –verbal – psychological abise between physicians.
*Colleague reporting –ethical issues.
*Relationship between members of the health profession.

5-Relationship between members of the health profession.

6- Medical research ethics and ethical commities.

7- History of medicine.

8- Ehtical consult:
*Medical legislations.
*Professional behavior code, planning, evaluation, and change in medical practice, health economics and scarce resources allocation, medicine, health and legislation.
*Legal aspects of health care, civil and criminal issues, prohibtin based laws, damage measuring scale, felony law.
*Contractual law, informed consent, patient’s rights, allowing of care, Syrian medical legislation, continuous medical learning as a legislation, alternative medicine issues.


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