Internal Medicine (3) Neurology + Nephrology


*Neurology clinical skills.
*Cerebrovascular accidents.
*Brain tumors, raised intracranial pressure, extrapyramidal disorders.
*Spinal cord sydromes.5. multiple sclerosis.
*Cranial nerves disorders.
*Peripheral nerves system disorders.
*Myasthenia gravis & muscle diseases.
*Syncope: types & pathophysiology
*Evaluation & management comatose patient.
*Cerebral death & its diagnosis.
*Headache & facial pain.
*Dementia & mental retardation.
*Nervous system infections.

2- Nephrology:
*Approach to nephrology patient.
*Extracellular fluid volume disturbances.
*Acid-base & water-electrolytes balance disturbances.
*Acute & chronic tubular failure.
*Primary & secondary glomerular diseases.
*Acute & chronic tubular and interstitial kidney diseases.
*Urinary infections.
*Renal lithiasis.
*Essential & secondary hypertension.
*Cystic kidney diseases.
*Hereditary kidney diseases.
*Hemodialysis & peritoneal dialysis.
*Kidney transplant.
*Kidney & pregnancy.
*Kidney & medication.

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