المشروعات الصناعية الصغيرة فى سورية : دورها فى التشغيل والحد من البطالة، دراسة من عام 1970 حتى 2010

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Unemployment is considered one of the most risky economic problems that faces the developing countries including Syria due to overpopulation, decreased investment growth, and capitals lack. Jeopardy of unemployment forwards as its negative consequences overwhelm life all paces economic, social, political, and demographical …etc. As there are many solutions, small enterprise seems to be among the most realistic and reasonable out costing ones in comparison with the big projects that require huge capitals, advanced technology, and highly professional work mass. Furthermore, they are difficulty competent with their counterparts in the developed countries where there is no economic laboratory else than reality.


رامي زيدان
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