دور توزع المشافي السورية (الخاصة والعامة) في تحقيق التنمية الإقليمية

  • تاريخ النشر: 2018-09-25

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In general, both private and public hospitals play extremely important roles in all  economic and social  development paces. These hospitals contribute not only in health care, highly qualified staff supply, and supper  thinking educational levels, but also in local  capital investments,  labor increase and  unemployment limitation. Or else regional development is achieved by technology in use across the country reducing internal immigration whose effects are at their most important through the country.

Attracting and localizing newly economic activities at those hospitals surrounding will result in   economy growth ratio  lift up and development push forward.

This paper studies hospital distribution in the Syrian provinces compared with that of population, thus hospital contribution  strong or weak effects on the regional development  revealed.


رامي زيدان
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