Internal Medicine (4) Endocrinology + Nutritional + Geriatrics medicin


1- Endocrinology:
*Approach to enodocrinology patient.
*Endocrinology disorders evaluation.
*Endocrinology and hormones.
*Pituitary – hypothalamic disorders.
*Thyroid diseases.
*Parathyroid diseases.
*Metabolic bone diseases.
*Adrenale diseases.
*Gonads diseases.
*Diabetes, comp;lications and hypoglycemia.

2- Nutritional medicine:
*Introduction in nutrition.
*Nutrients classification and food cycle.
*Nutrition physiology.
*Nutrition related diseases.
*Hydrocarbones, proteins and lepids disorders.
*Obesity and metabolic syndrome.
*Weight loss and healthy diet.
*Nutritional equations.
*Nutrition in different age groups.
*Artificial nutrition.

3- Geriatrics medicine:
*Geriatrics medecine principles.
*Geriatrics endocrinological disorders.
*Drop attacks prevention in the elderly.
*Polymyalgia rheumatica.
*Elevated ESR.
*Gait and balance disorders.
*Infections particularity in the elderly.
*Decubitus ulcer.
*Electrolytes disorders.
*Footcare of the elderly.
*Dependency and independency.
*Elderly diet.

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