Mohammad Ayham Darwish

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  • Fatigue Loading Effect in Custom-Made All-on-4 Implants System: A 3D Finite Elements Analysis sciencedirect
  • Bio-Numerical Analysis of the Human Ankle-Foot Model Corresponding to Neutral Standing Condition J Biomed Phys Eng.
  • Biomechanical assessment of orbital fractures using patient-specific models and clinical matching ScienceDirect
  • Biomechanical Assessment of the Influence of Inlay/Onlay Design and Material on Stress Distribution in Nonvital Molars European Journal of General Dentistry
  • Numerical Modeling of Renal Ionic Equilibrium for Implantable Kidney Applications Baghdad Science Journal
  • Biomechanical Assessment of Endodontically Treated Molars Restored by Endocrowns Made from Different CAD/CAM Materials materials
  • Influence of Inlays/Onlays and Their Material on Stress Distribution in Mandibular Molars: Finite Element Analysis Journal of Stomatology
  • Portable Infrared-Based Glucometer Reinforced with Fuzzy Logic Biosensors
  • Recognizing Different Foot Deformities Using FSR Sensors by Static Classification of Neural Networks Baghdad Science Journal
  • Non-Invasive IR-Based Measurement of Human Blood Glucose Engineering Proceedings
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  • Cartilage Tissue and Knee Joint Biomechanics Fundamentals, Characterization and Modelling Elsevier
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