Cardiac Surgery (3) Vascular surgery + Thoracic + Orthopedics


1-Cardiac surgery:
*Introduction: artificial heart, myocardial protection, heart transfer.
*Preoperative patient preparation postoperative intensive care.
*Ischemic heart disease surgery.
*Rheumatic & degenerative valves surgery.
*Congenital heart defects surgery.
*Pericardial & heart tumors surgery.
*Arrhythmias surgery.
*Surgery in pulmonary embolism.
*Aotic dissection and aneurysms.
*Heart and great vessels trauma.

2- Vascular surgery:
*Introduction to vascular surgery.
*Vascular trauma.
*Acute arterial occlusion.
*Chronic obstructive artery disease.
*Congenital vascular defects & vascular tumors.
*Arterial aneurysms.
*Diabetic foot.
*Diseases of the veins & lymph vessels.

3- Thoracic Surgery:
*Diagnostic tools in thoracic surgery.
*Chest wall & pleural surgical lesions.
*Lung Lesions(tumorous & non-tumorous).
*Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
*Mediastinal & Esphageal lesions.
*Diaphragm surgical lesions.
*Penetrating & blunt chest trauma.
*Principles and applications of endoscopic thoracic surgery.
*Lung transplantation & thoracic surgery update.

*Upper limb orthopedia.
*Lower limp orthopedia.
*Benign & malignant bone tumors.
*Athletes lesions.
*Bones & joints infections.
*Metabolic diseases (dysplasia,osteochondritis). 
*Congenital bone malformation

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