Clinical Treatment


2- Coriticoids clinical usages.
3- Cardiovascular diseases therapeutic.
4- Management of Hypertension.
5- Blood Disorders.
6- Management of Anemia and other Haematological Disorders.
7- Therapy of Asthma ,Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other Respiratory Disorders.
8- Digestive system diseases.
9- Liver and biliary tract drugs.
10- Atherosclerosis therapeutic managment.
11- Antimicrobial.
12- Antibiotics.
13- Antifungal drugs.
14- Anti-inflammatory drugs and treatment of Arthritis.
15- Angina Pectoris therapeutic management.
16- Pharmacological management of Pain.
17- Management of Epilepsy.
18- Clinical usages of Vitamins.

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