Surgery(2) Abdominal + Fractures surgery


1- Abdominal Surgery:
*Clinical history and physical examination.
*Surgical lesions of stomach & duodenum.
*Lesions of small intestine and omentum: Inflammatory, tumorous and obstructive.
*Lesions of colon and rectum.
*Lesions of anal canal.
*Lesions of pancreas.
*Lesions of liver and biliary tracts.
*Surgical lesios of spleen.
*Acute surgical abdomen.
*Upper & lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

2- Fractures surgery:
*Clinical history and physical examination.
*Basic science in orthopaedic surgery.
*Investigations and treatment methods.
*Trauma management principles.
*Fractures management principles and first aid emergency.
*Fractures basic priciples and mechanism.
*Trunk lesions.
*Blunt and penetrative upper limb lesions.
*Blunt and penetrative lower limb lesions.
*Pelvis lesions.

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