Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


1- Introduction to forensic medicine, specialistst and crime scene investigation.
2- Thanatology, stages, types and signs:
*Physical and chemical changes occurring on corpes, early and late post-moterm signs.
*Time of death estimation.
*Corpse examination and autopsy principles.
3- Suspecious death and suden death.
4- Wounds acute trauma - Wounds and blunt trauma - fractures.
5- Head wounds and trauma, brain haemorrhage.
6- Neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis wounds and trauma.
7- Gunshots wounds.
8- Traffic accidents wounds and road vehicles injuries.
9- Physical factor injuries and burns.
10- Electricity and lightning injuries, acute and chronic radiation injuries.
11- Suffcation, drowing and immersion.
12- sexual assaults: Rape, indeceny, sodomy,Homosexuality, paraphilia.
13- Pregnency and childbirth.
14- Infertility and impotence.
15- Abortion.
16- Infanticide child abuse and violence Domestic violence & women abuse.
17- Identification in general, DNA fingerprint.
18- Poisonings & intoxication,sings,symptoms, excertion and management.
19- Metallic,metallic and corrosive poisons.
20- Gaseous poisons.
21- Alcoholic intoxication.
22- Drug abuse intoxication.
23- Medication intoxication.
24- Pesticides poisoning.
25- Impariment scale,healing & recovery periods,permanent disability estimation(forensic concept) for judiciary,social insurance.

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