Surgery (1) General, Reconstructive and Pediatric surgery


1- General suregery:
-Principles of general surgery: nutrition, patient scare,fluid,and electrolytes, parenteral nutrition, infections, shock, preoperative preparation, postoperative care, surgical wounds.
-Surgical infections.
-Abdominal trauma.
-Lesions of breast.
-Hernias and eventrations.
-Skin and soft tissue tumors.
-Thyroid didseases and surgery.
-Parathyroid diseases.
-Minimally invasive surgery “laparoscopic surgery “, its principles, conditions, changes resulting from laparoscopic surgery, indications, complications, possible operations with laparoscopic surgery, its characteristics, contraandications.
-Principles of organ transplantation.
-Cancer sciences.
-Crush syndrome and systemic inflammatory response.
2- Cosmetic reconstructive and bornes surgery:
-Wounds and wounds healing.
-Skin graftes and slices.
-Skin infections.
-Wound suturing and dressing.
-Breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
-Benign and malignant skin tumors.
-Abdomen cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, liposuction decubitus ulcer.
-Hand surgery principles.
-Scarp repair and alopecia management.
-nose cosmetic and reconstructive surgery- laser.
-Face surgery and facial nerve palsy.
-Face and eyelids aging management.
3- Pediatric surgery:
-Congential skeletal deformities.
-Surgical gastrointestinal diseases in childres.
-Surgical urogenital diseases in childres.
-Abdominal wall defects in children.
-Common tumors in children.
-Acute abdomen in neonate.

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