1- Physiology of pregnancy.
2- Normal pregnancy, diagnosis, clinical signs and diagnostic tests.
3- Pregnency care, follow-up and intrauterine growth.
4- Mediation and pregnancy.
5- Pregnency and internal and surgical diseases.
6- Abnormal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriges and Hydatidiform mole.
7- High risk pregnencies, hemorrhages, peterm labor, post term pregnancy.
8- Labor and natural childbirth.
9- Abnormal labor: fetal-pelvic disproporation, abnormal presentations, premature rapture of membranes.
10- Labor induction.
11- Obstetric interventions.
12- Surgical termination of pregnancy, cesarean section and obstetric hysterectomy.
13- Natural puerperium.
14- Abnormal puerperium, puerperal sepsis.
15- Rhesus incompatibility in pregnancy.
16- Fetal monitoring during pregnancy and labor.
17- Fetal diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy.
18- New born injury.

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