(Minor Surgery (Introduction to surgery


1- Vital signs checking.
2- Clinical examination from surgical perspective:general,cardiothoracic surgery,neurosurgery,urology&orthopedic surgery.
3- Disinfection and sterilization.
4- Surgical investigations:
- Cardiothoracic surgery investigations.
- Thorcacocentesis,pericardiocentesis chest drain,emergency tracheotomy.
- General surgery investigations.
- Upper gastrointestinal.
- Endoscopy,abdominocentesis,enema&biopsies.
- Neurosurgery investigations.
- Lumbar puncture.
- Urology investigations.
- Bladder catheterization and cystocentesis.
5- drug administration via injection:
- Intramuscular, intravenous. Subcutaneous and intradermal. 
- Phlebotomy.
- Types of venous catheters.
6- Main surgical instruments.
7- Types of surgical threads&surgical suturing.
8- Wound approach.
9- Casts,scarves,cloth&pressing bands.
10- First aid for arterial and venous bleedings,physician duties towerds a bleeding patient.
11- Bandages: -clean wounds and open wounds-burns.

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