Symtomatology & Diagnosis


1- history taking & physical examination basics: first impression,main signs, face,jaundice, cyanosis, central cyanosis, pallor, hair, weight ,hydration ,hands, nails, tempreture, types of fever ,patient preparing for examination,past medical history.
2- cardiovescular system: history &clinical exainaion,heart sounds,ECG,cardiac pain, dyspnea ,edema, syncope,couph, fatigue ,cyanosis, intermittent claudication.
3- respiratory system: history & clinical examination, cough & sputum,dyspnea, wheezing ,chestpain,flapping tremor, pulmonary function tests>
4- gastrointestinal tract: history & clinical examination, appetite disorder, halitosis,thirst &mouth dryness , drooling ,dyspepsia, vertigo &vomiting,heartbum, hiccup,belching, esophageal pain, ascites,hepatomegaly,splenomegaly, jaundice.
5- kidney diseas: history & clinical.
6- xamination, urinalysis, proteinuria, glucisuria ,hematuria, polyuria. 6.hematologic diseases: history & clinical examination, lymph nodes examination, blood smearanemia ,pancytopenia.
7- rheumatology diseases: history & clinical examination, monoarthritis, oligoarthritis,polyarthritis,, back pain, limb pain, tendonitis.
8- endocrine system: history & clinical examination, appetite & weight changes, diaphoresis, hair distribution alterations, skin changes, hyperpigmentation, impotence, menstrual changes, gynecomastia.
9- nervous system: history & clinical examination,headache, vertigo, hearing& vision disorders, walking disorders, tremor & involuntary movement, speech & mental state, dysarthia,dysphonia,dysphasia, function of temporal lobe & parietal lobe, examination and disorders of the cranial nerves, spinal cord compression, muscle weakness, level of consciousness,Glasgow coma score.
10- psychiatry: history taking, psychiatry question,psychiatric state examination,mental state exam, personal history, family history, psychiatric disease screening questions,psychiatric symptoms.
11- Feverinfectious diseases : examination & clinical  its patterns.

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