Specific Histology


1- cardiovascular system: general structure of the heart, lymph vessels, veins and arteries
2- lymphatic tissue and lymphoid organs :immune cells,  classification, immune response and antigens, diffuse lymphatic tissue, lymphatic nodules and organs ( tonsils, nodes, thymus, spleen)
3- digestive system: oral cavity structure, tongue, teeth, salivary glands, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, intestine, cecum, appendix, rectum anus, peritoneal cavity, mesentery and digestive system glands ( liver, gall bladder and pancreas)
4- respiratory system: extra and intra pulmonary airways, lung and alveoli, lymph, blood vessels, nerves, pleural membrane, local defense mechanism.
5- urinary system: kidneys, uinary tracts, bladder, urethra
6- male reproductive system: testis, intra and extra testicular ducts,accessory glands ( cooper, seminal vesicle, prostate).  Influencing  factors, blood supply and innervations, penis, semen.
7- female reproductive system: ovary structure and development, fallopian tube, uretus, vagina, vulva, placenta, umbilical, cold, breast.
8- skin and its appendages: skin structure, accessory glands, nails, hair, skin’s blood supply, nerves and sensory role.
9- Eye: components and transparent structures, accessory structures, lacrimal apparatus.
10- Ear: external, middle, inner ear and innervation of the inner ear.

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