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Two simple, rapid and sensitive spectrophotometric methods have been developed for determination of Haloperidol (HP) in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations. A good sensitive colour reaction has been developed, based on the fact that Haloperidol (HP) reacts with a Calcon (Cal) or Amido Black (AB), to form an ion-association complex in acidic buffer solution, giving pink color with Calcon and blue color with Amido Black, the absorbance of chloroform extracted complexes were measured at 531 nm and 626 nm respectively. The effects of analytical parameters on the reported systems were investigated. The complexation reactions were extremely rapid at room temperature and the absorption values remain unchanged up to 72 h. Beer's law was obeyed in the concentration ranges of 1.20 – 33.83 μ and 0.752 -30.00 μg. ml-1, detection limits were 0.142 and 0.085 μ and the molar absorptivity coefficients were 2 1817 and 2 3230 for Cal and A.B respectively. Recoveries were between 99.35–101.67% for HP-Cal and between 98.67–100.87% for HP-AB complexes. The two methods were successfully applied for the determination of commercially available haloperidol in pure and in pharmaceutical formulations (tablets and dropes) without interference from its excipients. Statistical comparison of the results of the proposed method with those of the reference method shows excellent agreement and indicates no significant difference in accuracy and precision.



Haloperidol, calcon, amido black, ion-association complex, spectrophotometry.