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Sickle cell anemia SCA is considered a major health problem in Syria. Due to this chronic hemolytic disease the gallstones is an important complication. The prevalence of gallstones has varied according to geographical areas worldwide, race and ethnicity. The main aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of gallstones among sickle cell patients at Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital in Lattakia, Syria. Out of 175 SCA patients; the prevalence of gallstones was 13.7%, the mean age of the patients with gallstones was 27±15.4 years, and male to female ratio was 1:1. High concentration of total bilirubin in the patients with gallstones compared with those without gallstones. There is no statistically significant relation between HbF levels and gallstones (P=0.663). Gallstones are important and common complication among sickle cell patients. The prevalence increases with age. Routine abdominal ultrasound examination should be applied to all sickle cell patients for early detection.

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