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The importance of health insurance emphasizes the need to raise the level of health care in the country and remove or reduce the financial burden on the citizen and create a kind of social justice among citizens by meeting the medical needs of the largest possible segment. This research aims to use the accumulated data to study the experience of the application of health insurance in general and to show the extent of use of these data in the study of the health status of the insured employee at a Governmental University. Statistics indicate that the total number of health insurers in Syria reached 848,099 in the government and private sector in 2018.According to the statistics, the number of insured workers in Governmental University increased from 7491 in 2011- up to 9288 in 2018.The percentage of beneficiaries of services increased From 38% in 2011 to 58% in 2018, the statistical data showed that the use of medical clinic services at Governmental University has increased by 10% and the use of prescription services has increased by 11%. The rate of use of radiological diagnostic services decreased from 10% in 2011 until 8% in 2018.


تحميل الملف