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Objective: Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a life-threatening viral disease. Death rate ranges between 30% and 90%, the first EVD outbreak was reported in the 1970s in Zaire. The global danger of this virus requires the need for producing effective vaccines and drugs is facing its outbreak threat. Even though there is no available commercial vaccine so far against EBOV, a few vaccine candidates are under evaluation to examine their therapeutic efficacy.

Methods: Based on many types of research, we present in our review the properties of the E. virus and EVD, the ongoing efforts to develop diagnostics, vaccines, and drugs for the cure of EVD.

Results: Despite the efforts of health organizations to study, reduce and treat Ebola infection, there are still many challenges including the early diagnosis and control of infection among people in addition to finding a suitable treatment and vaccine in addition to many social and medical reasons.

Conclusion: The good clinical knowledge about the disease and infection control is very important to fight against the outbreaks. Therefore, it is necessary to develop training programs to increase awareness about the diseases in affected areas.


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