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There are several generics of Warfarin Sodium available in Syrian drug market. The aim of this study is to evaluate the physicochemical properties of three brands of Warfarin Sodium(5mg) tablets marketed in Syria. The physicochemical equivalence of three brands of warfarin sodium tablets were assessed through the evaluation of weight variation, friability, hardness, content uniformity, and dissolution rate. All the brands complied with the specifications for hardness, friability, and weight variation tests. Two brands had values within the range specified (95-105%) for content uniformity in the USP while brand C failed the test. Also brands A, B released more than 80% of drug in 30 minutes while brand C release less than 80%, so brands A, B passed USP specifications, While brand C failed this test.


Warfarin Sodium, Hardness, Friability, Weight Variation, Content Uniformity, Dissolution Test.