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To be one of the best national quality assurance and accreditation centres for the development and application of innovative quality initiatives in the higher education sector.



Fostering the success of the university faculties in obtaining accreditation from an internationally recognised institute through preparing them to meet the necessary requirements, and promoting excellence in learning through quality programmes.



  1. Accountability: we ensure that our work is based on trusted sources and is in the best interest of the university stakeholders.
  2. Integrity: we value civic standards, ethical practices and honest communication.
  3. Enthusiasm: we relentlessly pursue excellence.
  4. Respect: we value differences and treat others with civility and openness.



  1. Suggest quality-related strategies for continuous improvement and excellence.
  2. Promote institutional and public confidence in the academic standards of the faculties and university as a whole.
  3. Formulate strategies, policies, procedures and practices for the university faculties.
  4. Promote the culture of quality within the university.
  5. Form quality assurance office in each faculty.
  6. Prepare the faculties for accreditation.
  7. Develop policies and guidelines on teaching evaluation, programme review and student assessment.
  8. Support individual staff development, performance improvement and opportunities for innovation in teaching.
  9. Develop appropriate qualitative and quantitative measures of performance of teaching and learning, taking into account national and international recommended practices, and monitoring and reviewing their use.
  10. Define the university’s mission, vision and goals.
  11. Organize a programme for training academic and administrative staff for TQM.
  12. Archive everything that is quality- and accreditation-related at the university.