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Modules taught in the lab

Analytical Chemistry 2 (second year – Faculty of Pharmacy).

Food Chemistry (fifth year – Faculty of Pharmacy).

Automatic Analysis (fourth year – Faculty of Pharmacy).


Lab equipment

  1. HPLC with all accessories (made by Agilent)
  2. Flame Photometer (made by Jenway)
  3. IR Spectrophotometer (made by Alfa)
  4. Semiautomatic Spectrophotometer (made by PG Instruments Ltd)
  5. Ultrasound Heater (made by Wisd)
  6. Analytical Balance (made by Sartorius)
  7. Precision Balance (made by Mettler Toledo)
  8. Electronic spectrophotometer…
  9. Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer (made by Dragon Lab)
  10. Heating Mantle
  11. Electrical Conductivity Meter (made by EcoMet)


instrumental analysis lab