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Modules taught in the lab

Pharmaceutics 1 (first year – Faculty of Pharmacy).

Pharmaceutics 2 (third year – Faculty of Pharmacy).

Industrial Pharmacy (fourth year – Faculty of Pharmacy).

Lab equipment

  1. Tablet manufacturing machine (Erweka)
  2. Solubility test apparatus (Erweka)
  3. Granulation apparatus (Vibrating Granulator) (Erweka)
  4. Tablet hardness measuring apparatus (Erweka)
  5. Tablet fragility measuring apparatus (Erweka)
  6. Powder density measuring apparatus (Giuliani)
  7. Granule size distribution analysis apparatus (Endecotts)
  8. Mixer (mixing and powder homogenizing) (Erweka)
  9. Tablet-coating pan (Erweka)
  10. Drying oven
  11. Sensitive balance (Denver)
  12. Magnetic hotplate stirrer (Velp)
  13. Water bath (Gemo)


pharmaceutics lab 1


pharmaceutics lab 2


pharmaceutics lab 3


pharmaceutics lab 4