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Faculty Mission

1. To raise the scientific and educational level in Syria through the exchange of expertise and information, and to secure a scientific environment of a level comparable to that of the global scientific environment. In addition, securing high-level educational opportunities that allow students to pursue their specialties at international universities, which is achieved by cooperating with world-class institutions, and encouraging scientific research by liaising with global research centres in order to improve the level of medical services provided to patients in Syria.

2. Offering a comprehensive academic programme that leads to a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry, as the faculty contains distinguished educational laboratories that are well-equipped to train students comprehensively in various aspects of pharmaceutical knowledge. The faculty is looking forward to raising the educational level of students by providing advanced laboratory equipment for scientific research and the establishment of postgraduate programmes.

Faculty Goals

The faculty of Pharmacy at Al Andalus University aims at:

1. Preparing pharmacists to be well-qualified for all pharmaceutical specialties and professions and providing the necessary professionals to cover the requirements of development plans for Syrian governorates in order to serve the community through the services provided by pharmacies.

2. Promoting postgraduate studies and scientific research that contribute to the development of pharmaceutical sciences, and cooperation with various health and pharmaceutical institutions to find solutions to various issues facing pharmaceutical development in Syrian governorates so as to ensure the achievement of the motto: connecting the university with the community.

3. Developing research means and teaching methods, providing scientific textbooks, references and materials, and establishing laboratories necessary for scientific research.

4. Participating in rehabilitation, training and continuous education courses for pharmacy graduates working in various pharmaceutical disciplines, whether in the public, private or joint sector.

5. Encouraging various student activities and raising the student’s scientific character in accordance with the objectives of the university.

6. Achieving scientific cooperation with various pharmaceutical institutions in Syria as well as Arabic and international faculties of pharmacy with the aim of developing scientific research and postgraduate studies to the highest level.