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Medical work is not complete and the desired outcome is not achieved without the contribution of nursing. Nursing, therefore, has an essential role to play in the service of society and in the care of people; not only by alleviating their pain, but also by providing them with everything that would enhance their health awareness. Based on this, the Faculty of Nursing was established at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences. The Faculty has defined its educational program based on human values as it was founded based on the awareness of the role of nursing in the service of these values in the first place. Therefore, this program was founded in order to contribute to the development of this profession in Syria and to provide pioneering methods in both theoretical education and practice with the aim of helping to develop the mental abilities of learners and their practical skills so as to meet the needs of health services and connect the university with communities.

Based on the faculty’s awareness of its humanitarian and social role, it has defined its mission in order to fulfil this role. The faculty strives to provide comprehensive educational programs that prepare graduates to be ready to enter the labour market according to their wishes.  Graduates are prepared to be nurse leaders who are: equipped with a solid knowledge base, eager, committed to the ethics of nursing and capable of self-development through continuous lifelong learning. Graduates are also prepared to be keen to support and develop health care services at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and to meet the different health needs of individuals and society.

The Faculty of Nursing at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences aims at:
• Preparing graduates who are role model for the nursing profession and capable of providing quality nursing that meets the health needs of communities in cities and rural areas.
• Preparing graduates who are capable of pursuing higher education in several higher education institutions around the world.
• Providing opportunities for continuous education to meet the needs of nurses, institutions and society and to contribute to the advancement of the nursing profession.
• Encouraging scientific research in nursing.