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To be pioneers scientifically and professionally in the field of hospital management nationally, regionally and internationally, and to raise the level of health services provided by hospitals as well as to establish new teaching programs that satisfy the needs of healthcare market and support scientific research.   



To prepare distinct graduates in a scientific and innovative environment by providing them with knowledge, skills and values that enable them to confidently start their professional life in the field of hospital management. In addition, to enable the academic staff to conduct research that enhances knowledge and provides innovative solutions for different problems that face public and private hospitals with the aim of improving the performance of health system at macro and micro levels.  



  • To provide the internal and external healthcare markets with well-qualified graduates in the field of hospital management.
  • To encourage academic staff to conduct scientific research that tackles the challenges and obstacles that face the health sector.
  • To prepare and conduct practical training programs for faculty students to improve their skills and build mutual relationships with national and Arabic specialized institutions.
  • To develop training programs for healthcare employees to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • To contribute to the preparation and implementation of national development plans aimed at improving the health sector.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the quality of health services provided by national, Arabic and international healthcare institutions.
  • To improve the professional and social ethics of students through effective educational and ethical guidance.