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Faculty Vision:

The civilized development in medical engineering emanates from stimulating the scientific thinking to develop the engineering techniques that serve medicine and health, and find medical solutions through scientific research.


Faculty Mission:

The Faculty of Medical Engineering at Al Andalus University of Medical Sciences aims to prepare the highly-qualified medical engineer scientifically, professionally and ethically. It also aims to contribute to deepening of relations with society through closer cooperation with all sectors concerned with health issues and through strategic partnerships aimed at developing education and support opportunities for learning and professional development. In addition, it seeks to achieve excellence in scientific research that suits the needs of the community and keep pace with global development.


Faculty Goals:

the Faculty of Medical Engineering at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences aims to:

First, in the academic field:

  1. Prepare the highly-qualified medical engineer who can perceive the needs of the society and capable of providing technical support to preventive and therapeutic medicine. It also aims to qualify students and provide them with a high level of knowledge in their fields of study so they can keep pace with the progress of science and technology.
  2. Prepare the biomedical engineer to be able to pursue their postgraduate studies, carry out scientific research projects that are commensurate with the needs of the community and keep pace with global developments in their area of specialization.
  3. Prepare specialists in various fields of biomedical technology and provide them with a high level of knowledge in their area of specialization.
  4. contribute to the advancement of scientific research in all areas related to biomedical engineering. In addition, it aims at conducting various scientific research and studies that contribute to the scientific and technical progress in the fields related to biomedical engineering, especially those aimed at finding solutions to the various economic and social issues facing society. It also aims at developing scientific research in areas related to applied and clinical medicine and technology, and develop the spirit of teamwork and collective scientific research for graduates so they become the complementing and supporting technical part to the medical team contributing to ensure overall health for everyone.
  5. Develop educational methods and means as well as pedagogic principles in areas related to biomedical engineering in order to cope with the health needs of the community and their development and also to keep pace with global developments. It also aims at adopting necessary scientific and practical techniques as well as authoring academic textbooks and references.
  6. Work to secure the continuing education and training in specialization areas related to the faculty and establish continuous training courses for faculty graduates and other workers in various disciplines in order to develop diagnostic and therapeutic medical and health services, and link the university to society.
  7. Develop the spirit of teamwork and achieve closer cooperation with all sectors concerned with health and technical issues in the community.
  8. Achieve closer cultural and scientific relations with other local, national and international medical engineering colleges and scientific health bodies in order to develop scientific research and postgraduate studies.

Second, to participate in community service, in cooperation with relevant parties, in the following areas:

  • Development of national medical equipment system by understanding what is already there and striving to develop it.
  • Working on enhancing the level of handling and operating medical technologies in all fields, especially by training medical staff.

Third, to conduct research and scientific studies concerned with the discovery and development of new systems and modern techniques in the field of medical devices.

Fourth, to provide graduate programs in various biomedical engineering disciplines and scientific researches that contribute to the advancement of medical engineering sciences. In addition, to cooperate with various health institutions to find solutions to various issues facing engineering development.

Fifth, to provide a platform for continuous engineering education and to organize forums, courses and conferences in various medical engineering sciences.

Sixth, to participate in scientific publication through publishing papers in scientific periodicals and to establish a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the area of Biomedical Engineering.

Seventh, to improve the student’s English language ability to the point where they can use it comprehensively at graduation stage.