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Module Goals
The module aims at:
- Providing students with a theoretical study of the recent developments in fixed prosthodontics, especially in teeth implant and crown-root restorations.
- The practical application of anterior dental prostheses (cases of lost teeth) in fixed prosthodontics and of a single crown-root restoration.

Module Description
The module provides students with a theoretical study about crowns and bridges and with clinical training on anterior dental prostheses and crown-root restoration (cast metal post and core) of a single-root tooth.
 Module Syllabus
- Principles of root-coronal restorations
- Types of root-coronal restorations and steps of their applications
- Resin-bonded bridges
- Ceramic veneers
- Fiber-reinforced bridges
- Metal and ceramic inlays and onlays
- Principles and types of ceramic metal-free restorations
- Methods of manufacturing ceramic metal-free restorations
- Bonding of all-ceramic restorations
- Occlusal rehabilitation using fixed dental prostheses
- Principles of implant-supported overdentures
- Types of implant-supported overdentures and causes of failure

Teaching Methods
Lectures and practical sessions.

Assessment Methods
- Midterm tests.
- A final exam.