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Module Goals
The module aims at introducing students to:
- The fundamentals of oral and maxillofacial surgery.
- The tools used in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
- The method of dealing with cases that require surgery.
- Oral and maxillofacial traumas

Module Description
The module provides students with information about:
- clinical and radiological diagnostic methods of lesions and tumours that affect mouth, face and jaws
- the method of taking a biopsy from tumour sites
-  the method of diagnosing maxillofacial traumas.
 Module Syllabus
- Odontogenic cellulitis
- Apicoectomy (Endodontic surgery)
- Traumatic injuries to teeth & alveolar bone
- Management of oroantral fistula
- Cysts of oral cavity
- Benign tumours of the jaw
- Malignant tumours of the oral cavity
- Lesions of the salivary glands and their management
- Dentofacial deformities
- Diseases and surgery of the temporomandibular joint
- Pre-prosthetic surgery
- Oral and maxillofacial trauma (1)
- Oral and maxillofacial trauma (2)
- Laser in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Teaching Methods
Lectures using PowerPoint presentation and practical sessions.

Assessment Methods
- Tests during sessions, individual questions and theoretical and practical tests.