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Module Goals
The module aims at:
- Providing students with information about some of the special and hard endodontic treatments to let them gain hands-on experience in the latest techniques used to fill root canals and learn about modern materials used for endodontic treatments.
- Training students on the right diagnosis of endodontic traumatic injuries and their methods of treatment.
- Providing students with enough hands-on experience to perform endodontic treatment for all teeth and distinguish between these teeth in terms of treatment.

Module Description
The module provides students with necessary information on how to deal with special cases and on the scientific methods used to treat all teeth in order to distinguish between anterior and posterior teeth in terms of number of roots and canals. The module also provides students with the ability to handle endodontic instruments and irrigation fluids as well as the ability to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

Module syllabus
- Deferential diagnosis in endodontics (1)
- Deferential diagnosis in endodontics (2)
- Treatment planning
- Intracanal medicaments (1)
- Intracanal medicaments (2)
- Dental abscesses
- Root canal preparation techniques (1)
- Root canal preparation techniques (2)
- Pulp necrosis
- Treatment of necrotic teeth
- Internal root resorption
- External root resorption
- Treatment of immature permanent teeth
- Periodontal and endodontic disease

Teaching Methods
Lectures using PowerPoint presentations.

Assessment Methods
- Individual questions and theoretical and practical tests, which constitute 50% of the total mark.
- A final exam constituting 50% of the total mark.