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Module Goals
This module aims at:
- Providing students with information on how to deal with general diseases and dentistry.
- Introducing students to the use of regional anaesthesia techniques.
- Introducing students to the use of extraction tools and performing various dental extractions.

Module Description
The module teaches students how to perform different regional anaesthesia techniques depending on which tooth to be extracted. The module also teaches students how to perform normal dental extraction and extraction of impacted teeth. In addition, the module introduces students to the management of complications of tooth extraction.

Module Syllabus
- Regional Anaesthesia techniques in the oral cavity
- Nasopalatine nerve block
- Posterior infraorbital injection
- Anaesthesia of the mandible
- Mandibular nerve block: the Gow-Gates technique
- Buccal nerve block
- Extraoral anaesthesia
- Extraction of the roots
- Dry socket (alveolar osteitis)
- Multiple extractions and alveoloplasty
- Extraction of impacted canines
- Extraction of impacted maxillary molars
- Extraction of impacted mandibular molars
- Complications of teeth extraction

Teaching Methods
Lectures using PowerPoint presentations and practical sessions.

 Assessment Methods
Tests during sessions, individual questions and theoretical and practical tests.