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Module Goals
The module aims at introducing students to:
- The basic points of selecting dental abutments   and designing bridges for each clinical case.
- The theoretical study of all clinical stages related to fixed prosthodontics such as clinical examination, diagnosis, clinical trial, etc.
- The practical application of posterior fixed partial dental prosthesis (a tooth or more are lost).
- The practical application of a single coronal restoration on a posterior tooth to provide students with adequate clinical skills to prepare teeth and apply fixed dental prostheses.

Module Description
The module provides students with a theoretical study about fixed dental prostheses in general and with clinical training.

 Module Syllabus
- Patient assessment and clinical examination
- Diagnosis and treatment plan
- Basic principles of bridges and their design
- Bridge elements, their types and pontics
- Clinical case for posterior replacement
- Clinical case for crown fabrication of a single posterior tooth
- Clinical experiment procedures of dental prosthesis
- Colour description and selection  
- Partial preparations
- Temporary crowns
- Fixation cements and procedures of final adhesion of dental prostheses
- Occlusion splints

Teaching Methods
Lectures and practical sessions.

Assessment Methods
- Evaluation of student’s work during every session and evaluation of the final work.
- Theoretical and practical tests.
- A final exam.