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Module Goals
The module aims to:
- Introduce the student to general pathological cases and how to deal with them in the anaesthesia and extraction clinic.
- Teach the student how to write a prescription in the cases where medications are needed.
- Teach the student how to manage complicated and difficult extraction operations.

Module Description:
The module enables students to learn how to perform intraoral and extraoral regional anaesthesia. It also teaches students about the relationship between dentistry and general diseases and which first aid procedures that require a dentist.

Module Syllabus
- Regional anaesthesia and inferior alveolar nerve block.
- Anaesthesia of oral nerve (nervus buccinatorius) and mental foramen injection.
- Tuberosity injection.
- Posterior palatal injection and anterior infraorbital injection.
- Surgical extraction of the roots.
- Extraction of impacted molars.
- Extraction of impacted maxillary canine.
- Complications of teeth extraction.
- Extraoral injection.
- Complications of local anaesthesia.
- Principles and instructions in local anaesthesia and tooth extraction.

Teaching Methods
Lectures using PowerPoint presentations, videos, performing anaesthesia and extraction operation on patients in clinics.

Assessment Methods
Quizzes, individual questions, theoretical and practical tests.