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Module Goals

This module aims to:
- Introduce students to the pathogenicity of various diseases
- Introduce students to histopathological changes
- Provide students with the ability to microscopically diagnose various medical conditions
- Provide students with the ability to create prognosis and treatment plan
- Help students contribute toward the prevention of diseases.

Module Description

This module addresses the various changes, disorders and diseases of the oral cavity and nearby areas; therefore, it is the link between basic and clinical sciences. The module teaches student how to perform a microscopic diagnosis of the various conditions that afflict the oral cavity and nearby areas, which helps them make the appropriate decision regarding treatment.

Module Syllabuses
- Developmental alteration of the oral cavity
- Dental caries and periapical diseases
- Retrusive changes of teeth
- Odontogenic and nonodontogenic cysts
- Oral precancerous lesions
- Neoplasia
- Ulcerative lesions and infectious diseases

Teaching Methods

Lectures - laboratory work

Assessment Methods
- Evaluation of homework and student’s notebook, theoretical and practical tests. These constitute 40% of total mark
- A theoretical final exam constituting 60% of total mark.